Top 10 Ranked Winnipeg Realtors

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Curious about who’s leading the Winnipeg real estate scene? Dive into our latest findings and see where you stand.

We’ve identified the real estate agents in Winnipeg who currently have the best SERP positions based on relevant keywords.

We collected data from various sources, including Ahrefs, Google Keyword Finder, and UberSuggest. Please remember that the rankings in this list may shift as time goes on.

Primary Keyword Examined: Winnipeg Realtors

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Quick Stats

  • Winnipeg real estate market trends show an average listing price of $375,407, representing a 6.7% year-over-year increase and 7.2% higher than in November 2023 
  • Detached home average price increased by 7.1% year-over-year to $406k
  • Attached home average price increased by 9.6% year-over-year to $345k
  • Condo average price increased by 10.4% year-over-year to $269k
  • Stats source: Wowa Leads Inc.

Let’s dive into the list.

1 – Jennifer Queen

Jennifer Queen

Jennifer Queen transforms the Winnipeg real estate landscape with her unique blend of small-town charm and big-city expertise. 

Her educational foundation—a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Manitoba—equips her with advanced marketing strategies that set her and the Jennifer Queen Team apart in a competitive industry.

At the helm of the Jennifer Queen Team, operating from the RE/MAX Professionals office, Jennifer has fostered a culture of collaboration where shared success benefits clients through exceptional service, innovative marketing, and honest advice.

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2 – Ed Dale

Ed Dale Jr. has reshaped Winnipeg’s real estate with over 12 years of experience. His education at the Asper School and his use of technology elevate property exposure. 

The Ed Dale Team, with 40 years in the field, leads in South Winnipeg sales. They’ve consistently won the Winnipeg Real Estate Board Gold Medallion and ranked top in RE/MAX teams.

They specialize in South Winnipeg, selling over 200 homes yearly. Ed Jr.’s focus on community and customer satisfaction stands out.

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3 – Vanguard Real Estate

Vanguard Real Estate, located in Winnipeg’s Charleswood area, focuses on tailored real estate services. Unlike larger firms, it values personalized support over scale, emphasizing quality in every client interaction for nearly a decade.

Specializing in Winnipeg and southeastern Manitoba, Vanguard offers deep market knowledge, leading to high client satisfaction and industry recognition through awards and five-star reviews.

Vanguard’s mission extends beyond transactions, fostering trust and long-term client relationships.

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4 – Moore Group

Moore Group

The Moore Group, in partnership with RE/MAX, excels in Winnipeg’s real estate market. Led by Scott Moore, with a wealthy family legacy in real estate, this team offers unparalleled services in residential sales, investments, condominiums, and relocations. 

Their expertise has earned them multiple Gold Medallion awards and the prestigious Pinnacle Club Team Award.

Scott’s journey from his early experiences in North Bay, Ontario, to becoming a real estate visionary in Winnipeg underscores a commitment to excellence and family values. The Moore Group’s success is built on modern technology, exceptional marketing, and expert negotiations, always putting client needs first.

Since 2016, The Moore Group has delivered top-tier, 24/7 service, fostering a seamless client experience through innovative communication and collaboration tools.

Scott now also focuses on coaching, mentoring, and training, further enriching the real estate community. The Moore Group’s guiding principle is to treat every client like family, a promise that defines their exceptional service and community commitment.

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5 – Harry Odwak

For two decades, Harry Odwak was integral to his family’s venture, Norman’s Meats, where he honed essential life skills and learned the value of building unique relationships with a diverse clientele. 

In 2007, Harry ventured into real estate, a field he had always been drawn to, guided by the principle of treating others as he would like. This philosophy has permeated all areas of his life, proving to be a steadfast rule that has yet to fail him. 

Harry’s passion for real estate is evident in his dedication to his clients, treating each transaction with paramount importance and ensuring that he serves his clients honestly and respectfully. 

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6 – Amber van den Broek

Amber van den Broek, a dedicated Winnipeg REALTOR®, excels in guiding clients through their real estate journeys. With a background from the Asper School of Business, she brings a unique marketing and entrepreneurship perspective to real estate, recognized by industry awards and high client ratings.

Amber and her team, including Erika Fish and Kristy Fillion, have over a decade’s experience in the Winnipeg market. They focus on ensuring clients are well-informed and supported, which is suitable for newcomers and experienced investors.

Her approach emphasizes trust, integrity, and excellence, aiming to simplify the real estate process for clients. Amber’s team will assist anyone seeking professional, result-driven real estate services in Manitoba.

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7 – Good Fellow Realty

Goodfellow Realty

Goodfellow Realty, with over two decades of experience in the Winnipeg real estate market, offers services centered on practical advice and client satisfaction. 

Their team is known for treating clients attentively, earning them respect and recommendations in the local real estate community. 

Goodfellow Realty specializes in condos and provides detailed knowledge and resources, particularly in understanding Winnipeg’s buildings and aiding buyers and sellers.

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8 – The Judy Lindsay Team Realty

The Judy Lindsay Team, founded by Judy Lindsay in 1984, revolutionized real estate with the team concept to enhance customer service and results. After Judy’s passing in 2001, her son, Allan Asplin, has carried on her legacy.

This team has consistently sold over 250 homes annually for the past two decades, standing out for the volume of sales and the quality of service. 

Unlike traditional real estate practices where one agent juggles all tasks, the Judy Lindsay Team employs a specialized system. This includes Listing Specialists, Buyer Specialists, Transaction Coordinators, and Marketing Specialists, each bringing specialized training and unique experiences to their roles. 

This method ensures a seamless and stress-free process for selling homes, highlighting the team’s commitment to excellence and collaborative success in real estate.

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9 – Gino Cipriano

Gino Cipriano, a celebrated Winnipeg Realtor, has earned awards like the Winnipeg Realtors Gold Medallion and Royal LePage’s Top 35 under 35 for his exemplary service. His approach, rooted in honesty and transparency, has garnered client satisfaction and referrals. 

His services include professional property photography, extensive online marketing, and a personalized, stress-free experience.

Beyond real estate, Gino contributes significantly to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, demonstrating his commitment to community support. Gino stands out for his personable, results-driven approach and genuine care for clients’ needs.

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10 – Terry Isaryk

Terry Isaryk, a top producer at Manitoba’s #1 RE/MAX brokerage, started his career in 1994 and quickly excelled, winning “Rookie of the Year.” His journey reflects thousands of successful transactions across various real estate sectors, totaling nearly $1 billion in sales. 

Known for savvy negotiations and integrity, Terry’s vast experience includes helping first-time buyers, managing luxury and commercial properties, and property management.

His client-first approach ensures personalized, effective strategies for the best outcomes, making the buying and selling process enjoyable. 

Over 75% of Terry’s business comes from referrals, underscoring his professionalism and dedication to client needs. Outside work, Terry enjoys family time, cooking, and summers, with a fondness for his rescue Beagle.

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In Closing

This exploration of Winnipeg’s top real estate agents guides those seeking expert services in the housing market and as a beacon for other real estate professionals aiming to enhance their market presence. 

The success of these agents is a testament to the power of combining skilled real estate practice with solid online visibility and client-focused strategies.

The essence of progress in real estate lies in continuous learning and adaptation. Embrace new technologies, stay updated with market trends, and prioritize building lasting client relationships.

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