SaaS SEO Tools in 2024: Direct Insights and Contenders

SaaS SEO Tools in 2024: Direct Insights and Contenders

I’ve been experimenting with various tools over the past year or so, and since I’m pretty new to SEO content, I’ve decided to explore different options.

Several factors, including your strategy and content efforts, can affect your selection of the right SEO tool for your business.

I’ll explain which tools I’ve experienced are helpful and which other tools are on my radar. Price is also a significant factor, as some can be pretty expensive. 

Finally, I do not run any affiliate programs with the tools mentioned in this article, but that could change one day. If that happens, I will update this article accordingly.

Alright, let’s get into the list!

My Experiences With SaaS SEO Tools

Google Analytics, Search Console, Keywords Explorer, and Trends

Google’s platform is an essential part of the day-to-day process of reviewing the performance of your website on Google search. One of the shifts I noticed when writing more articles is that I started spending less time in Analytics and more time in Search Console.

I’ve become more focused on the long-term impact of the content I create through the impressions in SERPs and not so much on the current site traffic (which is very low right now).

Boompah - Last 30 Days on Search Console

The low conversion rate humbles me, but that’s cool; it’s rewarding to rank well for “Winnipeg SEO,” it’s interesting to see other queries populate the more content I publish.

I also do initial research through Keywords Explorer (after running various campaigns for clients with much higher traffic volumes) and Trends.

A notable mention is Bing Webmaster Tools, I’m currently using this to import all of my GA data and haven’t quite begun in-depth optimization yet. I’ll avoid including it until I finish setting it up properly and optimizing it for Bing.

Pricing: Free — yee haw!

If you’re just getting started with SEO, you don’t need to purchase anything until you get more into keyword research or other SEO analysis.


I was immediately impressed with the capability of the keyword research tool, even compared to more expensive offerings. The dashboard gives helpful insights into how your site and content are performing.

Ubersuggest last 30 days on

When you get into keyword research, keyword and content ideas are helpful, as is analyzing the search volume and SEO difficulty. There’s also a keyword visualization tool included that’s similar to AnswerThePublic (another tool that Neil Pael acquired), which is very handy.

I also find myself using similar websites and content ideas features; overall, it’s a super valuable tool for the price and has become my default (when I’m not actively working on an SEO project for a client).

Pricing: I decided to purchase a lifetime license for $290. The individual plan is $29/m (which is much cheaper than other tools). There are also a couple of different plans for business and enterprise, which you can check out here.

In my opinion, UberSuggest is worth the lifetime subscription, so you always have something to learn if you don’t have a premium tool actively subscribed. I tend to stick with Ahrefs when I’m doing more in-depth research; it’s just not necessary all the time when I’m writing articles for Boompah.

Outside of SEO tools, I’m closely monitoring my SaaS subscriptions, which can add up quickly.


Ahrefs Homepage

Ahrefs is an absolute powerhouse and my favorite tool for uncovering insights. The competitor breakdowns and keyword explorer have ignited my fascination with SEO data and SERPs.

It’s an absolute data gold mine, and I made sure to backlog many reports for various topics for Boompah so that I can go back and reference them.

Pricing Insights: This is where SaaS starts to cost a little more…! I typically go with the Lite plan, which is $99/m, or you get a discount for a yearly subscription of $83. 

Other Ahrefs pricing options

Ahrefs is a default component of any professional SEO research and efforts, and it is highly effective. Their reports are pretty good, and I often pull CSVs for customing reporting and analysis.


Answer The Public - ChatGPT Screenshot

The cool thing about AnswerThePublic is that it gets you to think about the user more and their needs beyond numerical behavioral data.

When you enter a keyword, you’re presented with a visualization of questions, prepositions, comparisons, and related alternatives. It’s helpful to see what questions users query following the 5Ws.

Pricing: An individual plan is $9/m, or you can get a lifetime subscription for $99. I decided to get the latter based on how much I’ve already used UberSuggest, and I have no regrets!

Although AnswerThePublic isn’t my daily driver, I still enjoy it. It provides extra information and helpful insights for things like FAQs and understanding how people think about a topic. I find myself using it to explore new topics with high search volumes.


semrush Dashboard Screenshot

The exciting thing about SEMrush is that the free plan is insane and includes more tools relating to local SEO, advertising, social media, and content marketing. 

SEMrush offers comprehensive tools to enhance your SEO strategy, such as keyword research, site audits, and competitor analysis. 

Its all-in-one platform is utilized by top brands to optimize websites for better search engine visibility and engage in effective digital marketing campaigns. 

Features like Position Tracking, On-Page SEO Checker, and Site Audit help improve your website’s performance, track popular keywords, and generate content that draws visitors.

You even get ten free requests per day to look up keywords, which is epic.

I haven’t purchased a paid month for Boompah yet, as Ahrefs typically covers everything I’ve needed from an SEO standpoint.

Pricing: I currently use the free version; the pro plan is $128, and other options exist.

I’ve had several clients who prefer it as an all-in-one solution, and I’d recommend it if that’s what you’re looking for.

Other SEO Tools Worth Mentioning

I’ve also got my eye on many tools I have yet to try on a project. 

Mangools and Keywords Everywhere seem great for digging into keywords. Screaming Frog could give me the lowdown on my site’s SEO health, while Majestic looks promising for backlink analysis.

SpyFu and Surfer SEO are on my radar for competitive insights and content optimization. Tools like Optimizely and GrowthBar could be game-changers for testing and growing my site.

I organized them into categories and summarized key features below if you’re curious:

Keyword Research & Strategy

Moz and Moz Pro

Moz, with its expansive suite, including Moz Pro, offers an impressive range of free SEO tools that are tempting to try out. Their offerings, from the essential Domain Analysis to a robust 1.25 billion+ keyword index in the Keyword Explorer, cover all the bases for deep SEO strategy development. 

The Link Explorer and Competitive Research tools provide deep dives into backlinks and competitor insights, which could be invaluable. 

Their MozBar browser extension offers quick SEO insights on the go. Given their reputation and the breadth of available tools, I’m keen on trying out the free Moz.


Mangools has carved out a spot as a user-friendly and cost-effective SEO toolkit, excelling in keyword research and offering a streamlined experience that shies away from the complexity of more prominent names like SEMrush and Ahrefs. 

It’s particularly noted for its ease of use, allowing you to dive straight into SEO work without requiring extensive tutorials​​.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that turns web browsing into an SEO research opportunity. It offers insights directly as you surf. 

It enhances their online presence across various platforms, including Google, YouTube, and social media. 

By offering a blend of keyword research tools and competitor analysis it makes for a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to SEO optimization.


SpyFu stands out for its in-depth competitor analysis capabilities, offering insights into competitors’ SEO and PPC strategies. 

It comprehensively overviews search rankings, keyword use, and ad variations. With features like SERP analysis and backlink outreach, SpyFu is designed to elevate your SEO and PPC game by revealing the secrets behind successful campaigns.

Technical SEO & Site Audits

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is your go-to for deep website analysis. It’s versatile, handling small and extensive sites. It lets you find and fix broken links, audit redirects, and check for duplicate content. 

It doesn’t stop there; you can also analyze titles and metadata and crawl JavaScript-heavy sites. Plus, its integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights gives you comprehensive insights to make informed SEO decisions. 

It offers data extraction and site architecture visualization tools for those looking to get technical, making it a powerful ally in SEO optimization. Visit their website for more detailed insights.


Siteliner simplifies the process of identifying duplicate content on your website. It scans your site to find and report on content that appears more than once, helping to ensure your SEO efforts aren’t undermined by repeated information. 

Additionally, it checks for broken links, enhancing site health and user experience. For more details, visit Siteliner.


Sitechecker.Pro helps you find SEO issues by crawling your website, monitoring changes, and tracking keywords and backlinks. It simplifies SEO tasks with a Chrome extension for instant page analysis and offers actionable insights via a comprehensive dashboard. It is ideal for streamlining SEO workflows. For more, visit Sitechecker.Pro.

Content Optimization


GrowthBar is an affordable and comprehensive AI content creation and SEO tool. It excels in content optimization and offers a Chrome extension that enhances WordPress efficiency. 

Although similar to Surfer SEO in content optimization, GrowthBar also boasts AI content generation capabilities. It is ideal for budget-conscious individuals, but it does not include advanced features found in more expensive tools like Jasper for AI content generation.​

Surfer SEO

Alright… saving the best for last, and that’s Surfer SEO. I saw this tool pop up a while ago from Adam Enfroy. I can’t confirm whether he still uses it, but it seems like a super compelling offering.

Surfer SEO turbocharges your content strategy with AI, optimizing your articles for top search rankings. This robust platform seamlessly combines research, writing, and SEO optimization, making it ideal for those looking to make an impact with their online content. Explore more at Surfer SEO.

Final Thoughts

That about covers it! I hope you found this list helpful.

I plan to update and revise it as my tool set changes. Over the next few years, I imagine I’ll use more AI-oriented tools.

That said, I’m also starting to appreciate the art of writing further, and I had less involvement from ChatGPT in creating this article. I enjoy having opinions and reflecting on them as I learn more about SEO.
Feel free to post a reply on X @gotboompah if you have anything else to share, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this as well!