Jobs in Winnipeg 2024

Jobs in Winnipeg 2024

This article is designed to be a helpful resource for Winnipeg job seekers. It offers insights into popular industries, plenty of job boards, in-demand professions, and practical tips for finding work in today’s competitive environment. 

Whether you’re considering a career shift later in life or starting, we aim to give you the tools to make informed decisions about your job search. 

What Jobs Are in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg’s job market is poised for a significant influx of openings in the next five years, with more than half expected in sales and service, trades, transport, equipment operation, and business and finance sectors.

Job Openings by the Numbers

  • 11,600 jobs in Management
  • 17,200 jobs in Business, finance and administration
  • 4,600 jobs in Natural and applied sciences
  • 9,900 jobs in Health occupations
  • 19,200 jobs in Education, law and social, community, and government services
  • 4,200 jobs in Art, culture, recreation and sport
  • 25,100 jobs in Sales and service
  • 17,600 jobs in Trades, transport, and equipment operators
  • 700 jobs in Natural resources, agriculture, and related production
  • 4,100 jobs in Manufacturing and Utilities

At the same time, natural resources, agriculture, and related production sectors forecast the most minor growth. This is primarily influenced by retirements, indicating an urgent need for new talent in areas with an aging workforce.

Key Facts

Manitoba’s job market begins 2024 on a solid note, with significant employment growth and a record-low unemployment rate highlighting the province’s economic resilience.

  • Roughly 114,300 job openings are expected in Winnipeg over the next five years.
  • Retirements are projected to account for 68% of these job openings.
  • Economic growth is anticipated to generate 32% of new jobs.
  • There will be approximately 22,860 job openings annually between 2022 and 2026.
  • Sales and service occupations are predicted to have the most openings, with 25,100 positions, followed by sectors in education, law, social, community, and government services, which expect 19,200 openings.
  • An estimated 58% of the job openings will likely require post-secondary education.

This snapshot underlines Manitoba’s thriving job market, with diverse opportunities across various sectors and regions.

Source: > Manitoba Labour Market Outlook > Job Openings

Professions in Demand in Winnipeg

The current job landscape reveals a surge in openings across these sectors:

  • Transport Truck Drivers
  • Retail Salespersons
  • Nurse Aides, Orderlies, and Patient Service Associates
  • Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
  • Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers
  • Elementary and Secondary School Teaching Assistants
  • Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
  • Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen Helpers, and Related Support Occupations
  • General Office Support Workers

This list serves as a guide for those seeking employment opportunities in the region’s most in-demand professions.

Source: – Manitoba Labour Market Outlook

Popular Job Boards

Popular job boards offer extensive listings across various industries and sectors for those casting a wide net in their job search. 

These well-established platforms attract many job postings, from multinational corporations to small businesses, providing many opportunities for Winnipeg job seekers.


Aggregates listings from various sources, offering an extensive array of jobs in Winnipeg.

View Winnipeg Jobs on Indeed


This is a professional networking site that also functions as a comprehensive job board, with filters for industry, function, and level.

View Winnipeg Jobs on LinkedIn


Offers job listings alongside company reviews and salary information, providing valuable insights into potential employers.

View Winnipeg Jobs on Glassdoor


A global job search website that includes a variety of listings in Winnipeg, with resume upload and job alert features.

View Winnipeg Jobs on Monster


Workopolis focuses on Canadian job seekers with detailed search capabilities and application tracking.

View Winnipeg Jobs on Workopolis

Kijiji Jobs

A versatile classifieds platform that connects buyers and sellers and features a wide range of job listings in Winnipeg. From part-time gigs to full-time positions across various sectors, Kijiji is a go-to for local job seekers.

View Winnipeg Jobs on Kijiji


PeopleReady, a division of TrueBlue, provides quick, reliable, on-demand labor and skilled workers across various sectors like construction and hospitality. 

Leveraging the JobStack app, they serve around 83,000 businesses, placing approximately 226,000 people in jobs annually. For more information, visit their website.

Localized Job Boards

For job seekers focused on finding opportunities specifically within Winnipeg, these localized job boards offer listings tailored to the local market. 

They are an excellent resource for those looking to work in specific industries or aiming to contribute to the local economy.

Manitoba Start

Manitoba Start

Manitoba Start serves as a pivotal bridge, connecting newcomers with Manitoba’s workforce by aligning the unique skills of job-ready immigrants with local employers’ specific requirements.

Since 2010, Manitoba Start has assisted over 50,000 immigrants from more than 120 countries. It provides essential services like employment preparation workshops, personalized career coaching, and networking opportunities to facilitate their successful integration into the local job market.

Visit Manitoba Start

Tech Manitoba

Tech Manitoba Job Board

Tech Manitoba is the province’s tech industry association. It is committed to strengthening the local tech community through unity, intelligence, and innovation.

They empower members by encouraging collaboration, education, and promotional efforts. They connect them on local, national, and international levels to foster economic growth and act as the collective voice for Manitoba’s tech sector.

Visit Tech Manitoba

Creative Manitoba

Creative Manitoba Job Board

Creative Manitoba plays a pivotal role in bolstering Manitoba’s arts and creative industries by providing entrepreneurship training and mentorship to help artists thrive creatively and financially.

It also enhances arts organizations’ productivity and profitability through specific management training. The organization champions the arts’ value, promoting research, education, and community engagement, and offers a co-working space to foster business growth among creative entrepreneurs.

By uniting various stakeholders, Creative Manitoba facilitates a thriving cultural sector in the province.

Visit Creative Manitoba

Winnipeg Staffing Agencies

Here’s a list of Winnipeg’s staffing agencies. These agencies are key players in matching job seekers with prime job slots. They offer insights and direct paths to companies looking for talent like yours.

Pinnacle Staffing Solutions

Pinnacle Staffing Solutions

Pinnacle, founded in 2002 by Dale Driedger and Wade Miller, is headquartered in Winnipeg and is Manitoba’s largest recruitment firm. Known for its personalized approach, Pinnacle boasts a team of 25 specialized recruiters dedicated to fostering long-term relationships to effectively address clients’ recruiting needs.

This commitment to treating every client uniquely, coupled with local decision-making by founders deeply rooted in the Winnipeg community, underscores Pinnacle’s success and reputation in connecting top talent with employers, underpinned by a deep understanding of the impact of their recommendations on businesses, individuals, and their standing.

Visit Pinnacle

Staffmax Staffing & Recruiting

Staffmax Staffing & Recruiting

Staffmax is dedicated to connecting talented individuals with ideal job opportunities, focusing on permanent and contract positions.

They prioritize building personal relationships with candidates to fully understand their unique skills, preferences, and career aspirations.

Visit Staffmax

Summit Search Group

Summit Search Group

Summit Search Group, a distinguished national recruitment firm, connects exceptional employers with highly motivated individuals, enhancing organizational success and personal career development.

Renowned for its tenacious work ethic and collaborative culture, the firm utilizes advanced technology, deep industry insights, and a comprehensive network to identify top candidates. Committed to diversity and inclusion, Summit Search Group ensures its hiring practices are unbiased.

Summit has partnered with notable organizations like the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and the 30% Club, affirming its leadership in fostering inclusive workplaces.

Visit Summit Search Group

Robert Half

Robert Half

Robert Half is a pioneering force connecting specialized talent with leading companies to foster successful businesses and careers.

Since its inception in 1948, it has grown into the world’s foremost specialized talent solutions and business consulting firm. It is committed to ethical standards, innovation, and high-quality service worldwide.

Their dedication extends to environmental, social, and governance responsibilities, supporting diverse philanthropic initiatives and contributing to professional development and environmental stewardship.

Visit Robert Half

Randstad Canada

Since 1960, Randstad has been dedicated to connecting people with meaningful work and supporting companies in finding great talent.

Focusing on fairness and understanding in the job market, they help individuals and organizations navigate the ever-changing world of work, emphasizing the importance of diversity and adaptability in the workforce.

Check out Winnipeg Jobs from Randstad

Government jobs in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Job Bank

This resource from the Government of Canada’s Job Bank lists federal job openings in Winnipeg. It’s a helpful tool for finding roles in federal agencies and departments based in or operating within the city​​.

Visit Winnipeg Job Bank

Manitoba Government Job Opportunities

This platform offers a wide range of job openings within the Manitoba government, covering areas from education and finance to engineering and social services. It’s an excellent starting point for those looking to make a meaningful impact in the public sector​​​​.

Visit Manitoba Government Job Opportunities

City of Winnipeg – Careers

For those interested in contributing directly to the community, the City of Winnipeg’s Human Resources page lists opportunities within the city’s administration, offering a chance to work in a diverse and dynamic urban environment​​.

View City of Winnipeg Careers

Crafting a Resume/CV to Get You Noticed

A suitable resume or CV format and content can significantly improve your chances of catching the eye of hiring managers. 

Drawing insights from Hannah Baes’ article, “Should You Use a Functional Resume Template?” we delve into what recruiters are looking for in a resume and how you can tailor yours to meet these expectations. 

Here are some hints to creating a compelling resume that opens doors to opportunities.

Understand What Recruiters Seek

Recruiters are the gatekeepers to your dream job, and understanding what they seek in a resume can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed. 

They prefer a resume format that highlights your skills and achievements and clearly and concisely presents your work history clearly and concisely. 

A study revealed that recruiters spend approximately six seconds on an initial resume review, so making a solid impression quickly is crucial.

Crafting a Compelling Resume

To craft a stand-out resume, consider adopting the hybrid resume format. This format combines the best elements of functional and chronological resumes. 

This format lets you showcase your essential skills and achievements at the top, followed by a detailed work history. 

Ensure that your resume includes measurable results and provides context for your accomplishments.

Actionable Tips for Your Resume

  1. Start with a Strong Summary: Lead with a professional summary succinctly presenting your qualifications and what you bring.
  2. Highlight Skills with Context: List and summarize your skills with examples or achievements demonstrating how you’ve applied them effectively.
  3. Emphasize Work History: Detail your work experience in reverse chronological order, including specific, measurable accomplishments that align with the job you’re applying for.

By following these guidelines and utilizing the recommended format, you’re more likely to make a lasting impression that could lead to your next career opportunity.

Need help with your Resume, CV, or Cover letter?

Hiring managers need more time and are always looking for more effective ways to seek out new talent. This means the time they will spend reviewing your resume and cover letter is minimal.

As always, making a solid first impression with a hook and surfacing your skills and critical achievements must happen within seconds.

If you need help with the quality of your resume or cover letter, we can review it for free, optimize it, or rewrite it. We even write resumes, CVs, and cover letters from scratch, regardless of your industry or seniority. Email: [email protected] to learn more.

Top Skills Required by Employers

Employers are increasingly seeking individuals who are not only technically proficient, especially in emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, but also those who exhibit strong creative thinking, effective communication, and the ability to work collaboratively in teams. 

We reviewed some trends, including the latest Manitoba skills report, and determined this list of in-demand skills:

Technical Proficiency

Beyond AI and machine learning, technical proficiency encompasses a broad range of skills, from software development to cybersecurity. 

The foundation enables professionals to leverage technology for innovation, efficiency, and problem-solving across various industries.

Creative Thinking

Creativity is the engine of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s not just about new ideas but reimagining existing processes, products, and services to meet evolving market demands and enhance competitiveness.

Effective Communication

Effective communication transcends mere clarity in conveying ideas. 

It involves adept use of platforms like Slack and MS Teams to enhance team collaboration, alongside the ability to distill complex concepts into understandable terms and provide constructive feedback.

Collaborative Teamwork

True collaboration requires more than just working together; it’s about building a cohesive unit that values diverse perspectives, shares responsibilities, and aligns toward shared objectives. This synergy is vital for tackling complex projects and achieving organizational goals.

The emphasis is on continuous learning and adaptability, underscoring the need for an educational system that prepares individuals to meet these multifaceted challenges head-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Highest Paying Jobs in Winnipeg?

Like many cities, Winnipeg has a diverse economy with competitive salaries across various sectors:

  • Healthcare and Medical Professionals
  • Executive and Management Positions
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Law Professionals
  • Finance and Accounting Experts
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Education and Research
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Energy Sector Professionals

How to Find a Job in Winnipeg

Finding a job in Winnipeg involves several strategies:

  1. Leverage Job Boards: Utilize popular and local job boards to find listings tailored to various industries.
  2. Staffing Agencies: Connect with Winnipeg staffing agencies specializing in your field for temporary and permanent positions.
  3. Network: Engage in networking events and social platforms to meet professionals and learn about hidden job opportunities.
  4. Government Jobs: Explore federal and municipal government job portals for public sector positions.
  5. Prepare Your Application: Ensure your resume and cover letter are polished and tailored to each job application for the best chance of success.

Contact Winnipeg’s local employment services or career counseling centers for more detailed steps and resources.

Can I write a resume with ChatGPT?

Yes, you can write a resume using ChatGPT or other AI tools. 

They can help brainstorm, draft, and refine content. However, ensuring the final resume accurately reflects your unique experiences and skills is crucial. 

Human verification is essential to personalize the resume, catch any nuances AI might miss, and align the document with your career goals. 

Continually review and customize your AI-generated resume to ensure it presents you in the best light to potential employers.

Good luck with your Job Search!

We hope this article is a good starting point for anyone considering a new career, regardless of their current position.

We understand firsthand how challenging it can be to search for, apply for, interview, negotiate, and land your dream job. 

Please get in touch if you need help with your resume, CV, or cover letter ([email protected]). We’re keen to help people through this process and aspire to have a broader impact on the employment process in the future.