A System of Continuous Improvement

I’ve recently started reading Atomic Habbits by James Clear and I’m quite inspired by his approach to constant improvement.

As James states, setting goals can sometimes lead to a pass or fail mentality. Whereas forming habbits can potentially end up having big impacts, without nessessarily having specific goals defined initially.

Starting today, I’m commiting to making continuous improvements to my different projects including WP Ambtion, my personal website, and a few others to see how things progress.

I simply want to learn more about WordPress and how I can help more brands use WordPress in ambitious ways.

I want to become a better designer, be more aware of trends, and where product design and delivery is headed.

I want to learn more about ai and other great technology.

I don’t have specific goals in mind right now, I just want to improve daily and stick to a specific schedule (2 hours before my day-job in the morning, everyday).

I’m going to keep it simple and leave it at that, I’ll provide another update Oct. 12th, 2023 to see how things are going and if there are things I want to tweak and improve with this process.

Let’s do this.