Create a Topical Map | Step 2

Step 2: Generating Topic Variations by Search Intent

Objective: Create a list of 30 unique variations of a specified topic, with each variation aimed at a different search intent. The variations should be concise, encapsulated as 3-5 word keywords, and presented in a structured table format.


  1. Topic Specification: Identify the central topic for which variations are to be developed.
  2. Variation Development: Produce 30 distinct variations of the chosen topic. These variations should be designed to reflect different search intents. Utilize your judgment to tailor each variation to a type of search intent (such as informational, navigational, transactional, or commercial investigation) based on the context provided by the topic.
  3. Table Structure: Arrange the variations in a table with the following columns:
    • Column A: Number (1-30), to organize the variations.
    • Column B: The specified topic, remaining constant across all rows as the central theme of the variations.
    • Column C: Variation, a 3-5 word keyword phrase that adapts the topic to different search intents.
  4. Dynamic Context Adaptation: Acknowledge that the context surrounding each topic may change, requiring a dynamic approach to identifying and addressing various search intents. Exercise best judgment to ensure that each variation accurately captures a unique aspect of the topic’s potential relevance to different users’ queries.

TOPIC = [replace this with your topic]