Advanced DALL·E Image Template

This prompt is detailed with all the various DALL·E parameters:
  1. Size: You can request different image sizes:
    • 1024x1024 (default square)
    • 1792x1024 (wide)
    • 1024x1792 (tall, often used for full-body portraits)
  2. Number of Images: Specify the variations you want to generate for a prompt.
  3. Referenced Image IDs: If you are iterating on or referencing a previous image, you can include the unique generation IDs to inform the model of which images to consider as context.
  4. Prompt Details: This is the descriptive text you provide to guide the image generation. You can include details about:
    • Subject: What or who is the main focus of the image?
    • Action: Is the subject doing something?
    • Style: Do you want the image to be in a particular artistic style or resemble a specific genre?
    • Color: Do you want specific colors or a color scheme in the image?
    • Mood: What’s the emotional tone or atmosphere?
    • Setting/Environment: Where is the subject? Indoors, outdoors, a fantasy world?
    • Lighting: What kind of lighting conditions do you want? Bright, dim sunset?
    • Perspective: From which angle is the image viewed?
    • Composition: How should elements be arranged within the image?
  5. Stylistic Influences: While you can't reference modern or copyrighted artists directly, you can describe styles and aesthetics or refer to art movements or periods.
I've included a few sample prompts you can manipulate and a blank one to work with from scratch.

Example: Futuristic Warrior in a Chaotic Battlefield

Create an image using these parameters:

Prompt Details:

Additional Notes: